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Cast Concrete Septic Tanks

  • We are building three different sizes of tanks: 1000 gallon, 1250 gallon and 1500 gallon, all three sizes are low profile tanks, so they are more shallow than a traditional tank. These work best with both high water tables, like in the valley areas around the river and also in the mountains where there is a lot of rock.
  • Photographs below
  • Download Engineering Drawings (PDF)

Septic Tank Sizes &
State Certification Numbers

  • 1000 gallon: NM 12-8-100
  • 1250 gallon: NM 12-8-125
  • 1500 gallon: NM 12-8-150

Parking Curbs

  • Please call for details

1250 gal tank

1250 gallon cast concrete tank

tank and truck

Our crane lifting the 1250 gallon tank.


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