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Rio Grande Septic Systems

Rio Grande Septic Systems is nationally certified by the National Association of Wastewater Transporters with the experience to determine if you or your client has a septic problem; therefore we are qualified to recommend necessary repairs to ensure your system will work correctly. We are also certified to do Transfer of Ownership Inspections when you list your home for sale.

Rio Grande Septic was purchased from Atlas Pumping Co. in August 2009. Keith Collums, owner of Atlas Pumping Co., had purchased Rio Grande Septic years ago and incorporated it into Atlas Pumping Co. Rio Grande Septic was then purchased from Atlas Pumping Co. in August of 2009 to do installation of septic systems. We are now servicing the Duke City and surrounding areas and have expanded to do much more. We offer a variety of services for our customers including purchasing materials such as tanks, risers, lids, and different options for your drain field, for the "Do It Yourselfers" among us. We are proud to be an American owned and operated company. We are also a family owned company that understands the value of quality work at affordable prices. We will give you AAA service every time.

We are widely regarded as a leader for high quality residential septic inspections and repair. We are always on hand to answer your questions or give advice. Our reputation for professionalism is earned by working hard for our clients and earning their trust. We offer a positive approach to all your septic system needs with a strong emphasis on quality and customer care. We aim to build relationships that benefit from our commitment to achieving results. No job is too big or too small. We install basic systems to engineered systems. If you have a small area to work with and don't want all of it torn up please call us for the latest in technology. Our crew is very knowledgeable and able to do the most difficult of jobs. If you want to re-use water and make your home truly "Green" call us for a quote on a water re-use system. Whatever your septic system needs, contact us today for a free quote.

We now also cast our own concrete products such as septic tanks and parking curbs. Visit our Products page for more infomation.

Go Green we offer Bio-Gem
Bio-Enzymatic Organic Digester Liquid

A blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and natural growth accelerators, Bio-Gem Grease Eliminating Microbes treat grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment systems, lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, drain lines and commercial grease traps. Bio-Gem digester works effectively in aerobic or anaerobic conditions to convert common grease, fats and oils into carbon dioxide and water. This organic digestion process is much more effective and reliable than merely emulsifying the grease, fats and oils, which simply sends the problem to downstream treatment processes.

Regular use of Bio-Gem digester will stabilize effluent quality, reduce system maintenance and minimize tank pump-out frequency. Bio-Gem digester is available in one or five gallon containers or 55 gallon drums. Bio-Gem organic digester is environmentally safe, reduces treatment system pumping frequency and lowers maintenance costs.

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